Question Intermittent static and distorted sounds for all headsets

Oct 9, 2020
I have a HP Pavilion 550-035z with Win10 Pro and for a few years now I've had issues with my audio. Specifically, when I watch videos on Youtube or other streaming services quite often I will get sudden blasts of static and distorted sound regardless of whether I am using my Logitech USB headset or a cheap 3.5mm headset, though the 3.5mm jack headset is somewhat more muted.

Curiously this does not happen when I play games, listen to music, or other non-internet related activities but when watching videos online it seems to happen at least every 30 minutes or so if not more often.

Disconnecting and reconnecting the headset seems to be the only way to temporarily resolve the issue. This happens regardless of whether I am using the integrated front or back 3.5mm jacks or any USB port on my device. Changing the sound settings such as exclusive access to sound device or changing the frequencies does not help and even seemed to make it happen more often (almost constantly instead of every 30 mins or so). If I attempt to update drivers it states I have the latest version. I have also tried a USB-3.5mm connector to see if that would help but it does not. I have also tried a new USB headset which did not help.

I do not have a dedicated sound card, only the integrated chipset so I am wondering if I need to just buy a sound card or if there is a short somewhere on the motherboard. Sadly there don't seem to be any options for a sound card that utilizes USB since those headphones function as their own sound device.

Does anyone have any recommendations?
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