Question Internal graphics issue

Aug 8, 2023
Dear colleagues,

I want to share a experience with MSI laptop GF75 :

Some time ago I changed the CPU and GPU thermal paste with a high quality thermal paste called mx4 after that the laptop lighting but no display available, I try to reset ATX after that the the display shows the MSI logo and stuck after rebooting multiple times it will show only black screen the fans works perfectly. And because my laptop is not More under warranty I leave the laptop at the repair shop for more than 2 weeks and unfortunately they told me the internal graphics seems to be damaged and it's not working any more in this case they told me a new motherboard is needed which is a little expensive for me…So I keep thinking with my self for a solution which is disable the internal graphics from advanced bios settings and i found a way to boot the laptop to external monitor using HDMi cable . Now every thing is working fine besides the laptop's monitor and the igpu(internal graphics).

I want to make sure if it's a Hardware issue as I seen in some form in Google that the igpu it's integrated with CPU chip and if the CPU damaged the igpu will also not work any more ? Is that true?

My hardware information:
Laptop MSI GF 75
I7 10th
GTX 1660ti mobile
24ram DDR 4

I appreciate Any suggestions 🙂

Kind regards,