Question Internal HDD getting disconnected when formatting/ doing anything

Sep 24, 2019
Good Day Folks,

A few days ago, my laptop started slowing down. The boot time increased drastically as well as the time it takes to do anything. My first instinct was it is due to software related issues so I reformatted my SSD where my OS resides. It was working flawlessly after that, apart from my 2nd hard drive not showing up even in disk management. I checked with Dell diagnostic tool and the HDD is being detected. I thought I must have accidentally changed something on the BIOS so I set it to default without taking note of the current setting. The issue still persists so I checked the connection of the 2nd drive inside and it was actually connected through an HDD caddy. I removed and put it back and the drive finally showed up on my computer. I started backing up files, ~400gb+, but the drive suddenly disconnects itself. I tried diagnostic tools and performed surface test but it disconnects after a while. I reconnected the caddy quite a few times until I decided to just copy the most important documents, ~7mb, which took quite some time but succeeded after multiple attempts. I formatted the drive but failed yet again so I tried to do it through CMD with windows repair. However, I cannot do anything else even with diskpart in CMD. The disconnection problem still persists. I have changed the power option to never disconnect usb.

I have a limited budget at the moment and I can only commit to one purchase so I need to make sure what the issue is. Do you think the drive is already dead or the caddy can be at fault here? Does adjusting the bios will do anything?

Thank you for any insight you can give.

Dell Latitude E6430
i7-3740QM CPU @ 2.70 GHz
8.0 gb RAM

Primary Drive
SanDisk SDSSDP 128G

Secondary Drive
500gb WD Scorpio Blue (WD500BEVT)
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