Internet Problem(s)

Apr 15, 2024
Hi, I don't know if this forum could help at all but this has been an on-going issue for sometime now.

I am in the UK and have since I have paid for internet used BT wifi, a couple years ago there was a powercut in my area and obviously the wifi cut and ever since that point the internet has spikes of lag when I play games on my PC, Xbox or PS. I had never experienced lag before this point, I never play wirelessly I always use my ethernet cable which is not directly through the BT Hub but that never made a difference anyway.

Also, since this powercut my IP location has never been accurate since. I am based in the South of England and I often get login attempts even though it is me logging in saying I am from Wales or scotland, would this be connected to why I have lag spikes or is it because I have a dynamic IP I am really not sure so if anyone would happen to know please let me know. It was tolerable for a while but the more I play the more fustrating it is having crazy spikes of lag