Announcement Introducing the Tom's Guide Certified Expert Program!


Community Manager
Feb 28, 2016
We've seen a whole boatload of great threads across the years and we want to show our appreciation for the awesome content thread starters are bringing to the community with custom titles!

Post Good Threads -> Enjoy Good Posts -> Get A Spotlight and Custom Title!

Wanted: Thread or Alive

Over the next few weeks we'll be on the hunt for the finest of forum threads - those that ask great questions and spark discussion or are just plain creative. We'd love for you to share your favorites in this thread with us and let us know why they deserve recognition.

At the end of the month, we'll give a shout-out to the community's favorites and lavish the thread starters with handcrafted, artisanal forum titles forged from dreams and the power of friendship. (OK, we'll type them into a text field, but where's the magic in that?)

If you have dynamite discussions, cool questions or just some good dumb fun to share with the community post it up!