News iOS 18 Photos — all the new features coming to your iPhone


Jun 19, 2021
Thank you, your overview and insights have been very helpful.

For the past 20-30 years, my wife has really enjoyed creating her own photo albums with pictures.
I’ve been trying to give her a similar capability on iPhone iPad and macOS with limited success.

Do you see any ability for us to easily add our own tags(keywords)
to our photos
so we can organize
our photos the way
we would like
into our albums / folders
on iOS & iPadOS?
sorted the way
we would like?

Sadly, perhaps, for past several years,
Apple has been very aggressive
on telling us
how we would like
to see, group, organize, sort, arrange our photos.

And yes, I do like memories.
Imagine if we could use that tool for our own organized pictures our way.

And yes, I do provide feedback to Apple on a regular basis every year for the past 15 years.

This should be possible without having to have the most recent iPhones and iPads. It is basic organizational capability … we thought.

iPhoto did this reasonably well in 2008 on my first iMac.

End result I have to print off our photos so that she can continue to make her photo albums since we cannot do it online.
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