iPhone 11 is still a good buy — who should grab it before it's gone

Apr 24, 2022
I’ve got the 11 Pro Max. Had the 6s plus for many years… over 4 at least. Best phone I’ve ever owned. I got the 11 Pro Max in January when I saw a deal on a new one and grabbed it. Boy do I regret that. In 4 months I’ve had the 11 pro max, it’s been nothing but major problems. Dropped the phone first time and the front screen and “back glass” were smashed badly. All this while having an Otter Box case on it. The new screen only lasted a couple months until it stopped working.
Phone is slow, network connectivity sucks, BT connectivity sucks, all around its just a bad ok
I was using my old 6s Plus today since my 11 pro max was security locked. I will be honest I’d rather take the 6 s plus any day over the 11 Pro Max. I was locked out after freezing up and after a restart inputting 555555 on its own at passcode screen. Has been an absolute terrible phone. I dropped it once and spent 400 on replacing screen. My 6s plus I’ve dropped, banged, and been hard on the old 6s and she didn’t miss a beat. The pro max has “glass covering all over it.. 400 front screen replace… 350 for the “back glass” . … one drop. Don’t buy one…. Absolute trash.