Review iPhone 13 review: The best iPhone for most people

Oct 31, 2021
I want to learn about the difference between iphone13 pro max and samsung galexy s22ultra,and which one much better.
Jul 4, 2022
The iPhone 13’s brighter display, longer battery life and powerful cameras make it the best new iPhone value.

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My 5 months old iPhone 13 fell from a height of about 1 meter on my office floor. It was wearing the official apple case. The screen broke, and every day after that, the cracks keep getting bigger.
I am an extremely careful iPhone (and iPod before that) user since the 2000s, and I NEVER had a screen break despite the occasional drop, just like it happens to everyone I know.
I invested more money into a new iPhone expecting the quality to be there, but it is simply not.
Now Apple won't hear nor care about my case and expects me to pay more than 300€ to repair it - almost half the price of the entire phone.
I am EXTREMELY disappointed and would rather buy from any other manufacturer at this point than pay this money for the repair.
If you are considering buying an iPhone, think twice.