iPhone 4s screen trouble


Nov 12, 2013
Hi all,

Yesterday, My screen on my phone was acting up. At first, some of the letters on the homepage were "stuttering", and later on, the color scheme (for lack of a better term) changed dramatically. I thought it was a glitch within the screen, so I decided to re-start my phone. Now, the screen is black. Completely black. the phone internally still WORKS because when I plug it into the wall, it makes a noise, and when I plug it into my laptop, the laptop can see it and I can sync it.

Also, I did get my screen replaced about a week and a half ago (I am fairly clumsy), and I think it's a connector that got shook loose inside of the phone. Anyone have any suggestions on whats causing the black screen, or ways that I can fix it?

EDIT: I did a hard reset and the screen now works, but the edges of the screen are still fairly glitchy, and the text and some of the icons on the homescreen are jittering around again
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