iPhone 5s lower half of screen not working


Apr 23, 2016

I had my phone cracked a few months ago. Everything worked fine, camera, screen, everything. I decided to get it fixed so I went down to my local tech store where they fixed it for a fee less than Apple would. After they fixed it, everything worked fine... Then a few days later, the lower half of the touch screen wont respond. The home button works fine. Now the problem here is, I want to save my information onto my computer so I can upgrade my phone and keep all of my precious pictures, notes, etc. The thing is, I cant get into my phone. My password contains a '0' in it, and since the lower half of the screen wont press, I cant unlock my phone. I haven't returned to that location I got it fixed at, but I looked up some tutorials to no avail. My question is, should I spend the money to fix it at the Apple store (complete fix just to get the phone's memory) or try to do something myself? Is the problem the LCD? How can I fix this?


Feb 23, 2016
It's a bad touch screen. Get the tech store to replace it for free. Of course, they'll argue and say you broke it, but see if you can convince them in the absence of any physical damage. If they have any integrity at all they'll fix it, having failed after a few days with no physical damage.

It may just be a badly-seated ribbon cable connector. I think all the new phones have glue-on screens so it's not like you can re-seat the connector, unfortunately. You may try gently smacking it with your hand to see if it wiggles a marginal internal connection long enough to log in. Don't drop it while doing this because if you chip or crack it you'll never convince them to replace it!
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