Iphone 6s Suddenly Stopped working (Black screen but still receives notifications).

Sep 27, 2018
My Iphone 6s is a couple years old but MINT condition (been in a lifeproof case since day 1)
Battery was at 99% when the screen suddenly went dark.
I can still receive notifications (sounds) it still rings and I have even answered it and talked.
Now you would think screen, BUT; the lighting port doesn't appear to work either:
I have tried hooking into an HDMI adapter to view on a monitor but it doesn't recognize phone.
I have also tried to connect to Itunes which also doens't recognize it, however:
When I hook it up to a battery charger, the light turns on so it does recognize it.
I do have an IPAD that I have used to ensure the cable, monitor and itunes are not the issue.
When I plug the lightning cord into the phone, it flashes (the phone camera flash).

I have been through ALL the troubleshooting but nothing will appear on the screen nor will any computer recognize it. I went through apple and dropped it off at a local repair place sponsored by Apple; their measures were as follows:
Attempted to run diagnostics - Attempted to restore unit with DFU - Attempted to connect unit to an external monitor to further troubleshoot display issue - Connected with Apple to advocate for customer but since unit is out of warranty, there was nothing Apple was willing to do. Customer might wish to contact Apple to discuss any potential options.

I contacted Apple one last time and gave them an ultimatum to do something better OTHER than the 'full replacement' for $400 otherwise I am boycotting Apple all together. They wouldn't attempt anything else so I am officially boycotting them but I would like to get into my phone as I have security apps with precious information and pics/videos ect.

Anybody have any ideas for me??

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