News iPhone 9 just confirmed by huge iOS 14 leak

Zachary 99

Feb 24, 2020
Oh look, crApple milking the same design for 4+ more years. Honestly, stop beating that dead horse and actually give people something new! You know, instead of releasing a kinda new "flagship budget" phone that approaches 800 or more for 64GB of storage LCD sub 1080p screen in 2020 still! What the hell is that bs? Unacceptable, and it's yet again another example of scammy marketing by making this look comparritively like a good deal. Worst part is only apple could get away with such bs, an account of their legion of brainwashed sheep. It's embarrassing, especially when the budget margin have effectively errors both your shares and appeal by offering so much more, like idk, fast charging standard for one. Who's honestly excited for this stale crap?