Question Iphone Battery

Jul 17, 2020
I have an iPhone SE 1st Gen. Replaced the battery myself via amazon purchase. The battery was not compatible and it would not take the charge or battery percentage would be stuck at 7%. Amazon seller was nice enough to admit the issue and provide a refund. Afterwards went to a 3rd party cell phone repair and similar issue. The phone would randomly restart. Told the tech about the issue and he replaced the battery a second time and admitted of the issue of batteries not being compatible. So finally I gave up and went to Apple authorized repair facility. They want $133 cad (since i don't have the old battery with me) plus $35 for labor. The price doesn't match the value of the phone (apple offers $30 for new phone exchange and I can buy a refurbished iPhone se for less the cost of repair). Has anyone had any luck with aftermarket iPhone SE batteries? FYI I am in Canada.. thanks in advance for any replay regarding this issue. thanks

Saurabh jha

Jul 8, 2020
I suggest you go for another companies phone, If you want to use apple only then there is many shops who sell second hand iPhone, so go for it or you can buy refurbished phone from e-commerce site also.
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