Question iPhone12 Mini, Notifications

Oct 5, 2021
I recently moved from a BlackBerry Classic to an iPhone 12 Mini. Only due to BB legacy phones no longer operable after Jan 4/22.
While the iPhone has some neat features, the "Notifications" are pretty pathetic.
I have a hearing impairment. My BB had a very loud "beep" with each email and text, audible to me even in another room. Plus, a red flashing LED light on the front.
The iPhone audibles are pretty weak to me, and the only visible notification is the flash on the back of the phone, which only works if the phone is locked and visible if the phone is face down. It is also very brief, while my BB flashed the red icon for a few minutes.
Is there any other solution for the hearing impaired?

My second issue.....I have my server (POP) email on this new phone. In my settings, I have incoming mail set to PUSH.....meaning it comes quickly from the mail server. This does not work, and the only time mail goes to my inbox is when I open the email app manually. Whats happening here? Mail is working fine otherwise. On my BlackBerry, incoming mail was instantaneous.

Thanks for any help or comments.