Is a 17inch laptop really the end of the world for college/university?


Jun 3, 2014
So i got this great 17,3'' laptop after days of searching online. Its a really clean V3-772G from Acer. I chose it because:
* Really cheap (250 euros)
* GTX 760M + i7 4702MQ quad core
* Bought a 7700Mah battery with it, so it will easily last long enough for school (I hope)
* Its relativly light for a 17 inch laptop (6.4 pounds after i removed the HDD)

So my question is, should i keep it or sell it for profit and look for a 15.6''? Is the difference really that big? I am 6''4 and 200lbs so i dont think the weight is a problem.
So my question for people with college experience, is 17,3'' really to big for a laptop?
If you keep it in the dorm, no prob. but lugging it across campus with ALL the other stuff, heavy books, even 4 LB would be too much for me. Just my opinion. But hey, that's a good buy specially if you are gamer. Can't really game with a 3 LB Ultrabook.