Is a New Dell XPS 13 Coming Out Soon?


Jan 14, 2016
So recently, I've been in the market for a new laptop, primarily for school and schoolwork. It's been mostly between the Dell XPS 13 and the Macbook Air, but since the macbook air is rather old and isn't refreshing for a few months, I've been mostly looking at the dells. I know the dell is rather old, and I know there is the XPS 15 that is coming out, but that seems a bit big for me, and I'm looking more in the 1000 dollar price range.
Is there going to be a new XPS 13, or should I go with the old one? Or is the 15 really good? Or just go with the macbook? The non-1080p display on the macbook is a real drawback, and the huge bezels are as well, so I'm leaning towards the dells, and I could use your help. Thanks a lot.

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