Is a VPN really worth it?


Apr 7, 2009
Several months ago I replied to someone that, "your VPN is not safe from hacking". He mocked me. Now, about once a week I see an article about a VPN being hacked.
I used to use a VPN to bypass geo-restrictions for UK, Canadian and Australian TV. I know that the UK and Australia have now found a way to block that access. Dang, I haven't tried Canada in several months, now I have to try that, though I no longer have an HTPC hooked up to our TV.
Is a VPN really worth it?
I wouldn't subscribe to one now. My privacy "horse" (or cow) left the "barn" in 1984 when I first went online with a 300 baud modem and an Apple Mac. I'm sure that all of my interactions on the BBS from way back then are stored on 5.25" floppies in some dude's garage just waiting for me to become a public figure so they can blackmail me. (errr, not to imply that I ever did anything I would be embassed of).
I was able to buy "Lifetime" and "Unlimited" devices at a deep discount, so I'm set for "life".
If there was truly a way to bypass geo-restrictions to watch current TV shows, I might give it a try again, but there is AcornTV and BritBox and quite frankly, I already watch way too much TV.
If you have current needs to slow down those seeking to invade your privacy, use a VPN.
If you are someone who might be targeted, then a VPN is only going to slow them up.
Put your time and effort into keeping your system backed up (and I mean daily if you produce a lot of work, and weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually and off-site backups) and use secure passwords (change frequently, a different one for every account, long pass-phrases, etc.) and encrypt your local drives/devices.
Or, just screw it, enjoy life and assume that you will be screwed at some point and you'll just deal with it then.