Question Is any chance to change Android System Language on US Version Phone

Oct 5, 2021
The factory unlocked US version android phone with snapdragon qualcomm chipset was purchased in USA. I am not able to change the android system menu from English language to Russian language. The MoreLocale 2 program was not assisted too much ( the some of apps names were change to required language only ).
I need a help on how to change the system menu to Russian or confirmation that this can't be done on this version of phone.
Samsung Galaxy S 21 Ultra
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Oct 28, 2021
If you've done this my apologies. It is basic. Go to "settings" and then in the search bar at the top type "language". On my Sony, it directs me to the "system" and then "languages" and it has a ton to pick from including Russian. Samsung likes to be special so they have their very own skin over Android that I find weird and cumbersome but somewhere in there you can reset the language.

Here's a link to a Samsung support site for changing system language or adding a new language.

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