Is it better to upgrade my laptop or to buy a new one?


Jul 29, 2015
Hi! I have Toshiba Satellite C660-1rn laptop and was wondering if I can upgrade something on it, because I have always wanted to play HD video games like Fallout, COD(especially Ghost), Tomb Rider without my CPU getting extremely hot or other errors. The problem is that when my mum bought it to me (it was a surprise gift) the guys in the store recommended to her this model that doesn't have the necessary requirements for a good gameplay ( 4 GB Ram, 2,53 GHz processor speed), thinking maybe that a girl can't be a gamer, which is really irritating... Soo back to the question... I was wondering if I can upgrade the Ram, processor and graphic card ( laptop's core is i3), or is it better to just buy a new one?


Apr 14, 2014
i wouldn't recommend you upgrade your laptop, as many laptops don't have the possibility to upgrade parts. you're better of buying a new laptop, as upgrading also requires alot of efford and you could break some parts even easier than on a desktop motherboard