Is it normal for my toshiba satellite disk drive to click/rotate every 10 minute

Donnell Robinson

Jan 15, 2012
just bought my 2nd toshiba satellite L755 laptop after returning the first 1 after two days. Not sure if it's normal for the disk drive to click/rotate every 10 minutes. Never experienced this with previous laptops before & not sure if i should return this Toshiba also for another computer brand.


Do you have power savings on? that can make the drive spin down when it has not been access for a while.

Some laptops/drives may also have a sensor for motion and park the drive head to prevent damage in the case of a jolt/bump/drop.

My older Compaq laptop had a Hitachi drive I think, and it would just do that(sound like it was about to spin down with a sort of click sound) on its own, but after many years the drive never failed(even have it in a usb enclosure now).

So both of the laptops did the exact same thing?
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