Is it possible if you have usb headphones to listen from my phone?

Jul 7, 2018
Is it possible to connect my headphones (Razer Electra V2) that have USB input to a 3,5mm mini-jack or even to something with Bluetooth so I can listen to music from my phone? I have seen some cables female USB to male mJack but they don't work!
My device is: Samsung Galaxy A5 2017

The Paladin

the connector on your phone, doesn't use it for "sound output" the 3.5 on modern phone incorporate the microphone jack as well so it is a 3 ring connector instead of a standard stereo 2 ring connector. so plugging a stereo connector into it will not make your headphone work.

You failed to mention what phone you have. please state it.
Jul 7, 2018

My phone is the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017
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