Is it possible to connect modern day speakers to a harman / kardon 730 receiver? Clueless in PT, Wa

Jun 11, 2018
Looking for info as to how to go about this if possible. I bought this old receiver, turntable and huge speakers on a lark after my mom died in February of 2017. I hadn’t had this kind of sound system since the early 70’s. I somehow managed to connect it all, lol. The speakers are too big for my space and have since parted with them. Any input will be appreciated. I know next to nothing about any of this but am determined all the same. It is a hoot to see the receiver lit up and turn the dials after a million years. Thanks, Susan
The receiver is rated at 40 watts per channel into 8 ohms. You would want speakers rated for a minimum of about 20 watts rms.
High efficiency speakers like Klipsch would allow you to play louder. Efficiency is rated at the volume 1 watt would play the speaker at 1m in from of it so the higher the number the louder it would play with less power.
Smaller speakers are almost always less efficient than larger ones. You can connect a powered subwoofer and satellite speakers to the receiver even though it doesn't have a subwoofer output. Just make sure the subwoofer has speaker level inputs and outputs.
If you want to add a music source to your old school system a Chromecast audio or Alexa Dot would add streaming sources to the system. They would just plug into an aux input on the receiver. A Sonos Connect or Denon HeosLink would be better but more expensive.
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