Is it worth the upgrade to a DSLR or Higher-End Bridge? Lumix FZ1000? Canon T6i?


Aug 17, 2015
Hey Tom's Guide,
Love the community here (usually at Hardware) so I figure I'd ask for some help here.

I am a senior in highschool so admittedly money is tight, and I purchased a decent refurb camera about a month ago, Nikon L830, for around 200 bucks with all accesories. I love the zoom but have a love-hate relationship with this camera. It shuts off randomly, takes a while to focus and take pictures, videos sometimes appear washed up, and takes a while to turn on. Also, don't get me started on the 4xAA batteries I manage go through in a few days of constant use. However, the zoom is amazing and in good light it can take beautiful pictures.

I'm not sure if it's worth the extra cost, however I just made about 800 from selling my desktop and might try to buy a new more future proof camera.

Now, I love the idea of a DSLR and changeable lenses, but hate the idea of how expensive they are.. $200+, on top of a $700+ camera? Cannot afford that for different needs with car payments and college around the corner.

Unless I were to get an "entry-level" DSLR, which may skimp on certain features. However, the T6i seems to be a good alternative, though the lenses seem very pricey for long range flavors.

I want to be able to get something with an incredibly high zoom as the Nikon L830's 34x optical zoom had me falling in love for long range photography. Maybe a ~400mm lens for zoom?

I currently have my eye on the Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 and in my area I can get one for $699 new in box and even get 12 month financing for an extra $10. Downsides are, it's a bridge camera which seem to get a bad rep. But it does have a 1" sensor, 25-400mm lens for the super zoom I'm looking for, and that futureproof UHD recording for family movies. I have also seen deals online with the T6i and a 55mm lens bundled for around $760, which is still a bit pricey.

Now I'm at a standstill because I just bought a camera a few months ago and feel stupid buying something else now, but that's why im asking the Tom's community. Will it be worth it for an "entry-level" DSLR such as the Rebel T6i, the LUMIX FZ1000, or to wait a while? Photography is my hobby/sorta-job and it will occasionally be used for videos. Thanks.


Aug 17, 2015
Thanks, Kanewolf,

However I found a good deal for around $700 on a Nikon D5500 with a 70-300 lens and a 18-55 lens so I think I'll end up going for that. True 24MP and an APS-C sensor will probably be enough for me unless there is something better within that price point.
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