Question Is MSI Bravo 15 available purchase? Also what gpu is equal the 5500m ?

Jun 15, 2021
Hi I'm from Turkey and I am searching a gaming laptop for Computer Engineering at the University also gaming. I wondered about the MSI Bravo 15.
BRAVO 15 A4DDR-243XTR AMD Ryzen 7 4800H 8GB 512GB SSD 4GB RX5500M 144Hz
This laptop has a price that 1050$

Firstly do you know is there any common problem with this laptop ? Does it make sense to buy ?

Secondly I don't have clear idea about AMD Mobile GPUs. Which Nvidia Gpu is equal 5500M ? 1650Ti or 1660Ti Max-q or 1660Ti ?

Actually 1660Ti laptops prices are starting with 1150-1200$ So I can't buy them but I am wondered 5500m can be strong as 1660Ti Max-q as? If it can be strong as 1660Ti Max-q, I might buy that but if it can't I will buy 1650 laptop with 950$ as saving above 100$

Finally I also wondered about performance of the cooling is good ? What take temperatures usually for GPU or CPU ?

Could you keep informed me, if you want anything ?
Thanks :)
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