Is My Coretron Laptop screwed?


Aug 15, 2016
I'll be straight forward. I'm willing to do hands on work, but I'm trying to find out exactly WHAT the problem is. I've done some research, and so far I haven't been able to find my problem, or anything related to it specifically. I was trying to plug in the laptop while it was in sleep mode (Lid closed), and out of nowhere, I heard a somewhat loud popping/electrical noise. It's done this once already, but it actually turned on again last time. Now it's not turning on at all. I did smell a scent, and it smelt like something had been shocked (Obvious, but thought I'd include it). I checked the battery a few hours after this, and everything looks fine, so I'm worried: Did I fry my Coretron Laptop? The plugin for it has always been loose, and now makes a slight crackling sound for ~1 second after I touch the 4 prongs from the laptop to the charger itself. One prong on the laptop is slightly askew, and looks like it has some damage on the top (Where it makes the crackling sound). Thanks for taking the time to read this.