Is my laptop using intel or discrete card, how to get the best

carl hall

Dec 14, 2010
I have an i3 Acer aspire 5750G laptop with 6GB DDR3, in my display adaptor I see I have intel HD graphics (1760 MB) and NVIDIA GT 540M (1gb)

For gaming, as far as I know, it is better for my Laptop to use the GT 540 (which I'm sure is the Discrete card) instead of intel. yes?

How is it working for games? Is it using the intel? How does this sharing work? Is my laptop using both memory? How do I ensure that I'm getting the best out of my discrete card? Can I get the computer to only use the discrete card? Will that be better for games?


Nov 20, 2011
quoted from techradar

"Nvidia's Optimus technology, which automatically deactivates the GeForce card when it's not needed, means an extended battery life for the Acer Aspire 5750G"

that should answer your question. The laptop enables the discreet card only when needed (gaming)
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