Is my pc being monitored?


Apr 15, 2014
this might sound stupid but i get the feeling that my pc might be monitored by someone (maybe a hacker)

for a couple of months now my computer doesn't go into sleep mode, which it used to do in the past whenever i just leave it for 15 minutes

i though maybe i changed it somehow, but i didn't, nothing was changed.

which led me to think, is there someone watching/monitoring me or is this something else?

i'm think it could be a hacker, because on a different laptop i get a privacy error.
saying that hackers are trying to get my info through my browser

what can i do to figure this out?
are there any tools that can help


Nov 28, 2012
if you are getting this message please scan you pc with malware bytes and remove everything. what is most likely happening is you are being re directed through a proxy. an easy way to fix this to download malware bytes is to go to control panel then internet options. from there go to the connection tab then hit
lan settings.

under there you most likely will see use automatic configuration script checked with an IP and port. remove that address and uncheck and then check automatically detect settings.

you should now not get this message. download malwarebytes and enable the free trial when it install and do a full scan. under the settings under scan settings check rootkit scanning as well then run a full scan.


Oct 2, 2014
This may be beyond your ability, but there's a simple way of telling if someone is connected to you. Open up command prompt, type in netstat -a. This will show a lot of information, you're interested in things which have a state of ESTABLISHED. What this is is a list of sockets - when you pair an IP to a Port, you create a socket - things that are connected to your machine.

Needless to say you should probably do this after a reboot, close down all applications that connect to the internet in the systray etc...
Then start doing nslookup on the things found in the Foreign Address section obtain an IP, occasionally you will see the IP, no nslookup is required in that case. Next hop on google and search for a whois x.x.x.x (where x.x.x.x is the ip address you found). Basically you should be able to deduce what is connected to your machine, this takes a lot of time if you don't know what you're doing though...

You might also notice that downloading a free copy of an anti-virus software would be A) Easier, and B) More time efficient.


Dec 26, 2012

Yes, much foil! And stop smoking the weed. And, really, do the Malwarebytes thing. Problem solved.

real ace

Dec 10, 2012
You can try the above things mentioned except the foil one.Malware bytes is good and from my use it will help.Also do a virus scan it will remove any other malicious entity.
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