Is my Rampage Extreme X99 mobo compatible with the Razer Tiamit 7.1 Headset?


Jun 13, 2013
Hi all,

I have the following motherboard:

Asus Rampage Extreme X99

I recently purchased the Kraken Chroma headset which is a virtual 7.1 headset, but for some reason, it being only a USB headset (not having the mic/headset jack) really screwed things up. For the life of me I could just not get it to work properly. Some things were quiet, some were loud, the mic wouldn't work right, etc.

Anyways, I returned it and bought a Tiamit 7.1 since I figured that was the next step up.

I am just wondering, without buying an additional sound card, will I be able to use a Razer Tiamit 7.1 headset (in 7.1 surround)? My motherboard has those cookie cutter 6 audio jacks in the back so i figured it'd be ok. It uses realtek HD audio control panel, and I saw 7.1 as an option, but maybe that was for 'Virtual 7.1'.

Anyways, Do you think I will be able to?