Is my RCA Cambio really an Android? Help!!!


Jul 17, 2016
I recently began to really explore this tablet, and I must confess that it stayed in its box for a few months. So now I'm trying to download apps through playstore. google does not recognize this tablet and thus no downloading.

It's supposed to have Lollipop installed? I'm hoping I just set it up incorrectly. It also has Windows 10 and the tablet seems to be partial to W10 Otherwise, why call it an Android if it doesn't act like one?

When I set it up, I had a choice to create a microsoft account (yech), or a different email. I chose other but not gmail, which I do have. I dont remember any dire warnings about not using google. I did create a microsoft acct so I could access more features.

There are apps I want to use but can't. And yes, I did read the Helpless users' guide or manual.

So is there any help for this? Or did RCA goof or lie?

Thanks for any technical help, commiserations, or advice.

The tablet should only have one OS. Android or Windows. As far as I can find, they come with Windows. Not Android. If you do a little research online you will see that the Specs (Specifications) for that device say Windows is the OS.

If you are wanting a device that runs an Android version, you would need a different device. You could try returning it, stating that it isn't what you expected, however they may not allow for it since it is open and has been a few months.
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