is my windows 8 key stored in UEFI ?

Mizo Zizo

Mar 23, 2014
i've got a msi gt70 dominator which came with pre-installed windows 8 on my 1 tb i installed a new 120 GB ssd and i'd like to move the os to it .
i've considerd cloning / migrating the os but many advised me that installing a fresh OS will be better because that way it will align the SSD .
if i installed a fresh copy of windows 8 on the SSD and formatted the SYSTEM partition on my HDD.will my windows 8 be activated automatically ? or can i even extract my KEY from UEFI ? and how can i be sure that it's stored there in the 1st place ?



Copies of Windows 8 that ship with OEM PCs are usually autoactivated from a software licence file embedded within the UEFI firmware.

I don't know of any methods to check to see if yours as this though.

Mizo Zizo

Mar 23, 2014
i've contacted xoticpc since they're the ones i've purchased my laptop from.they assured me that it's stored in UEFI and my new installed windows 8 should be automatically activated .
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