Is NVIDIA going to use desktop GPU's in 2016 laptop models?


I'm curious, because I'm waiting for the new laptops which will be used for VFX primarily, no gaming. It's interesting that there are desktop GPU's in laptops already, but what's stopping them from using older desktop GPU's which would still be more powerful than current mobile chips?

Any opinions on this? If anything wouldn't they make more money by using older graphics cards rather than come up with new ones? Maxwell got power level low enough so honestly, what's stopping them from using like a 750 Ti which would still beat a 960m for instance, at probably a fraction the cost?

This thread is not about AMD; because they do a very poor job in the application I'll be using which is HitFilm. No hate, just need to focus on what's actually worth getting.

Are professional editors really using slim laptops, wouldn't they throttle while rendering scenes, especially 10-30s per frame scene which is what I'll be doing?

Well, that kind of sucks. The current desktop GPU laptop is ridiculously expensive, but it's also not even close to the power compared to a lower end 750 Ti, which should run a lot better with less heatpipes etc required?

My current laptop is using an i7-2630QM and a NVIDIA GT 540m, and shouldn't the power consumption be very close to a 750 Ti anyways? The main spec HitFilm is using is GPU, for basically everything from rendering to effects playback.

That honestly sounds too good to be true. I'll definitely follow this closely, and if it turns out to be affordable, I'll wait until other manufacturers add Thunderbolt 3 and USB TC as I'm assuming those are requirements for this to work.

Although, technically speaking which it doesn't meantion. Shouldn't the difference between PCIe 1 and 2 be very small in terms of actual performance? Perhaps older Thunderbolt can handle it just fine but with an adapter?

I'm looking at laptops that fits those two requirements, and they're ridiculously expensive. I would rather focus on the best CPU I can find, and buy a strong dedicated GPU using that eGPU feature...


Jun 16, 2009
Shouldn't the difference between PCIe 1 and 2 be very small in terms of actual performance?
did you mean the difference between PCIE version 1 vs 2 or PCIE slot x1 vs x2?

anyway for now they might be expensive but graphic card maker actually offering official support to make it really happen is a very good news to me. the idea of external gpu has been long talked and we even saw demo unit being displayed in big event like CES or computex but the reality is external gpu never lift off. just my opinion but some laptop OEM might not really like the idea because if we can easily hook up external gpu to our cheapo lappy then they might have hard time selling their expensive 'gaming' laptop haha.

and from gpu maker perspective supporting external gpu will make their 'mobile gaming gpu' become harder to sell to OEM? but integrated graphic like intel HD graphic and those radeon in APU are getting better and better. so in the future selling discrete gpu in laptop might be harder especially for nvidia when they don't have any x86 CPU to sell in laptops. if they can't sell their module anymore then try to sell dekstop class gpu to those laptops. at the very least they can expand their market beyond regular pc. i don't think nvidia will outright going this route but it is possibility for them. if anything i don't think they want to loose the advantage they are having right now on laptop market when it comes to discrete gpu.
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