Is the lenovo e465 good?


Feb 1, 2016
I am looking for a decent all around laptop, that is affordable, portable with anti-glare display that will last me about 10 years. I found a Lenovo E465 laptop that
fits the bill, its has an anti-glare display and is much portable than my 5.6 lbs Samsung laptop that i use to carry it also has 3 usb ports, Kensington lock, headphone jack and so on which is basically the only port i would probably need. The only things that stops me from buying this computer is that I do not know how durable/ reliable this computer is, will it last long? I dont want to spend money on a computer that ends up breaking a year later, my friend bought an acer laptop only to have the keyboard falling apart after a year later, even though the brand is notorious for being crappy lol. there is no review online so I cannot be sure, also will the base model be good enough? (without changing the configurations)