Question Is there a combination HDMI audio extractor and bluetooth transmitter?

Dec 27, 2020
Here's my situation:
We bought a used, slightly older treadmill that has a screen above the console. It has integrated wiring from the screen to the console to a soundbar-like set of speakers beneath the console. There's no headphone out. My wife would like to watch netflix/amazon shows while she works out. There's an HDMI input on the screen, so we're using an amazon firestick. There is no audio passing through to the speakers (I've tried with other HDMI sources and the aux in as well, no luck). I've tried to trouble shoot it in the treadmill, so far to no avail, but what we want anyhow is for her to listen on bluetooth headphones.

So far, what I can find as a clumsy solution would be to put an HDMI audio splitter between the firestick and the treadmill screen, and then hook a separate bluetooth transmitter to the audio out of the splitter. Sound like a mess of wires and possibly a latency problem. Is there one device that will accomplish both? The only thing I've found so far is an "Alead TRX HD Pro" on amazon, and the reviews of it are universally awful, so I'm not going to buy it.
Thanks in advance for any help!
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