Is there a method of copying the content of more than just one shortcut simultaneously?


Jul 8, 2015
Hi everybody !

My question is easy but it seems to me that it's a bit confusing for many. I think because it concerns something out of daily use with windows. Everyone has to do with shortcuts, with the hidden (.lnk) extension, that is pointing to the actual file, wich is stored somewhere in the PC. So with the right click on that single shortcut, in the properties, we can acces the real file, or copy the adress of the file to the clipboard. And there is another right-click method in combination with the shift key which enables to copy the path of the file too. When we do that, we work with a single shortcut, taken separately, once or twice or more. And of course we can copy the file which that shortcut is pointing to. But not everyone has to do this with a hole folder of shortcuts, hundreds of shortcuts that cannot be taken seperately to do the same job. Or it can be done, but this means a loooot of probably unnecessary work, and this is exactly what I am trying to ovoid.

It also seems to me to be like a very small problem that is very easy to solve but my eyes just cannot see it though it's in front of me. And I hope your sight offers you panoramic views of the things better than me.

I was asking the forum about a way to get over this difficulty, but I still have no real help. I tried various tricks before posting my topic. It's about a music folder which contains no 'real' music but only shortcuts of more than 500, actual mp3 files, each mp3 exists in a different location on the PC . In deed, I was more generally asking, as a windows issue and not especially as something which concers only shortcuts to music files. and I was asking how to copy and not how to move the mp3 files.

I'm still wondering if the solution allready exists but I only just cannot see it, and it would be both: very interesting and very amasing if you personally could make my eyes open.

For even more details, please have the patience to read this:

I have a folder which contains over 500 music shortcuts. I mean only shortcuts that point to the corresponding mp3 files. Now I need two things: 1- create a playlist from these shortcuts, or 2- copy all those files from their shortcuts at once to a new folder. I just can't find a way to do that!

Why am I posting this topic to the lovely forum?
Well, while listening to a track using mediamonkey as music player, and you say to yourself: 'oh yes, that's a very good one' you have the possibility to create a shortcut of it via a mediamonkey script named 'shortcut creator' to a folder of choice. So when months go by, you have got a folder with plenty of excellent music tracks, but you can do nothing with them. It will be pretty if we can play that music from this shortcuts-folder and then the rest will be simple such as copying them all (the real mp3 tracks) to a new folder, or make a playlist from within the player, which is simple too. If I have all tracks unified in the one new folder, so of course, the job with the playlist is done. But you see how difficult to point to each shortcut and copy its content from the tarjet area. As I couldn't find any possibility to make a detour, I wondered if someone out there could help me. I'm looking for a batch method or an external program or anything else that can handle this issue.

I wish you a very nice day, to all of you!
You're asking this question for upteenth time, and nobody gave you an answer. Probably such a utility simply does not exist.
Get Windows SDK, get Visual Studio, and start learning how to find out what is behind the shortcuts.
Or learn PowerShell - Windows' improved command processor, and write a script or two. Googling for "powershell script to follow shortcuts" returns a couple of promising results.
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