Solved! Is there a Receiver with a Toslink OUTPUT. I need to connect a Hearing aid streamimg device

Feb 8, 2019
I have Pana TV & Yamaha receiver all connection are HDMI. The Hearing Aid streaming device has a Toslink input (and Output) but my Yamaha reciver does not have either an RCA output or better still a Toslink. Do any recivers have a Toslink output for audio
An optical or analog record output is very very uncommon on current AVRs. Some do have Zone 2 analog audio outputs that will work for you only if digital audio can be sent to zone 2. Some receivers will only send analog audio to zone 2.
There is way to use your current receiver if it has A-B main speaker outputs. You can connect a speaker to line level converter to the B terminals and convert that to optical if the hearing aid transmitter doesn't have analog audio inputs. The volume of the receiver affects how much input the transmitter gets so you have to be careful not to overload it.
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