Is there a UPGRADEABLE barebone gaming laptop under 1500 dlls?


Jul 2, 2009
Hi, just wanted to know, maybe i spend over 1500 dlls (maybe more if i find a good deal) on a laptop. I dont need a desktop because sometimes i have to move.

Well, i guess i´m looking for a barebone, but there are a few specs i´d like my lap to have:

-I´d like an i7 core

-The laptop should have compatibility with the latest ATI/Nvidia graphics card, if SLI or CROSSFIRE its possible, it´s gonna be perfect (i think the i7 don´t have that possibility though)

-Memory Ram: Up to 8 Gigabytes (12 is a plus)

-Screen size: 17 should be ok (not problemas with 15.4 at all)


What i´m really looking in this barebone system, is that it already comes equipped with something, you know, so i can use it in the mean time (I think this is not barebone anymore), it doesn´t matter it doesn´t have the best processor or the best graphics card, or 1 or 2 Gigabytes of ram, as long as i can upgrade EVERY single thing in order to make a very fast laptop.

So that´s it, i´m willing to spend 1500 dlls, eventually i´ll upgrade every accesory, maybe the budget is not enough for what i ask for , so give me some pointers, its ok!!

By the way, i´ve heard the Clevo has good models (like the D900F)

If you need i fill the FAQ, ask me and i do it, i think everything here is clear though, see ya!!


I'm not sure what unit a "dlls" is.

There are currently no notebooks on the market that combine a dual GPU solution with an i7.
There are also currently very, very, very few notebooks on the market that allow you to upgrade the CPU, let alone the GPU; and even if you could do it, there are even fewer replacement and upgrade parts available to buy.

Essentially, when you buy a notebook, for the most part, you are buying dead-end parts. With that in mind, buy the best graphics solution you can afford, and the notebook should hold out for 4 years or so before it becomes quite obsolete.


Feb 7, 2010
If you want an i7 don't plan on being able to upgrade anything past 4 years. I don't know what dlls is, so I really can't grasp on your budget but, I think a Toshiba Qosmio could work for you. The problem with bare-bone notebooks is even though they are very upgradeable, they still require mobile processors and low power graphics cards. The i7 you see in notebooks today is never clocked past 2.2GHz. OCZ makes a bare-bone laptop that supports cross-fired 3870s. I don't know if they include the cards or not, but the price tag is $1100. That laptop only supports Core 2s as well. I'm not sure what "sometimes I have to move" is related too but, If it means you need to change homes then just build yourself a small computer. I build myself a computer that I can carry around and it has a liquid cooled Phenom II X3 running at 4.3GHz and a liquid cooled 4890x2 in it. I bought a usb powered monitor and a lithium ion battery and I screwed the monitor base into the top of the case (case was cheap, since airflow wasn't really an issue). Then. I took the battery and mounted it onto the back of the case. So, in effect I made my own laptop :D . You could do something similar if you just need to switch homes a lot but, if you need something to go to Starbucks with, don't think too hard about it and get the Qosmio.


Sep 25, 2010
OCZ's barebones DIY gaming notebook. I don't know much about laptops, but like Toshiba's Qosmio, this has dual 2.5 drive bays for RAID.

Shuttle is endeavoring to standardize laptop components, but it seems the process is only open to OEM's & manufacturers >.<
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