Is there a way to use a Razer Headset without the splitter?


Oct 4, 2015
I am just wondering if you can use a Razer Headset without the splitter because my mic part of the splitter doesn't work and I want people to hear me so if there was any way to use it without the splitter that would be great.


You're going to have to elaborate on the model, but I will guess it's one that has a single 3.5mm 3 channel (four separate gold pieces with black between them) and then an adapter to split that into a 2 channel 3.5mm for audio and 1 channel 3.5mm audio for microphone right? If so, you can buy those splitters for under a dollar, maybe $5 at radio shack. You can also make your own, but if you have to ask, you shouldn't.
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