Question Is there any way to increase the number of connected devices to a router, Archer C7?


Dec 26, 2015
Router: TP link AC1750 Archer A7,
Max devices:30
Internet: Down- 200 mb Up-10
So as soon as I connected my 30th device I noticed that my cellphone and smart devices would sometimes drop
connection, but if I block devices and keep it under 30 the wifi is smooth. I currently have 34 connected, blocked 5. I want to add some more devices but I know it's going to be frustrating with this limit. Is there any way to get around this like adding more access points, like the RE300, I have one installed it helped somewhat, since most of the devices are just switches or lights. Or do I just have to buy a new router that has a higher max device count. If so could anyone suggest any that is under $100. Thanks.
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