Solved! Is there such a thing as a speaker switch to play speakers from 2 different devices with priority?


Mar 11, 2015
I own a bar with a Jukebox. I currently have 6 speakers (2 left, 2 right, 1 center). The speakers are hooked directly into the jukebox. I have an audio receiver that I want to have the main TV, and stage audio hooked into. Is there a way to hook the speakers into both the jukebox and the receiver with the jukebox having priority (Meaning whenever someone plays the jukebox, the receiver wont play audio)?
One of these may work for you. Depends on how the Jukebox is connected to the speakers. Since the Jukebox is stereo it won't have a center channel but it might have a mono speaker output.
There are similar devices for switching sources to an amp rather than at the speaker output which might work
The speakers would connect to the receiver and you would need a line level output from the Jukebox.
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