Is this a good stereo receiver / speaker deal?


Jun 14, 2012
Hello everyone, I recently have been looking for something to play my vinyls with. I do not know much about playing vinyls, and I believe that in order to play vinyls, I will need:

1. Turntable (which I already own)
2. Stereo Receiver / Amplifier? (are they the same thing?)
3. Speakers
4. Those red/white chords (I'm terrible with technology, I don't even know what they're called!)

If I am missing anything else, please feel free to tell me.

I live in the Los Angeles / Orange County are of California, and I have been searching on craigslist for a stereo receiver and speakers. This ad recently caught my eye:

I am looking to buy the stereo receiver/ amplifer along with the CD player and speakers. You might have to scroll down the ad a bit to see the speakers.

Can anyone tell me if this is a good deal or not? Are there any better deals? What should I look for when I go to take a look at it?

Thanks for your time everyone.

musical marv

Feb 26, 2011
A receiver is composed of a TUNER,AMPLIFIER, Pre-AMPLIFIER.There are plenty of used audio shops in the LA area I use to live there years ago. Try Enchanted Audio in Santa Monica and ask for randy the owner. Craigs List is not that great.Try also Audio Asylum a website for used gear.
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