It is worth Upgrading aging Dell STUDIO 1555


Dec 27, 2012
I hold a DELL studio 1555 laptop with T6600 Intel 2.20 GHz of processor. This baby hold 4gb of ram. But now as per my demand this configuration is getting low. I am unable to get that much juice from performance. I use this laptop for graphics and animation work. Due to some reason i am unable to purchase a new desktop or laptop. So practice sake i need to upgrade this laptop. Now i want to ask is it worth to upgrade the laptop.
i know i can upgrade the RAM upto 8GB,
but the issue is with the processor. I read in number of places that the processor can be upgraded but there may be some issues like overheating. But is nowhere written that it is risky and can't be done. Today i saw this page on intel website " " (for T9900)
and bingo the socket is same. Now few technical questions, does the A13 BIOS support this processor, Can the laptop withstand the heat produced by this processor and last not least what are the cost and risks involved ?


Sep 16, 2010

Link to Intel specs

You need to run CPU-z to find out exactly which version of socket your Dell uses (should be PGA478)

Both are 35 Watt max power

Major difference T9900 has. 2 versions
Sockets Supported BGA479, PGA478
T6600 only uses PGA478 so get the correct socket version T9900

I have not looked at dell web site you should especially about bios versions and supported CPU's

If your laptop was available with both cpu's that would be a good sign

dell provides good documentation in repairing & dismantling laptops

Have a look at these and any u-tube videos to see if you feel confident in dismantling the laptop case , down to motherboard , removing heat sink / heat pipe cooling fan, removing CPU and re fitting

You need a large clear table good light and a means of keeping children and pets away.

Mike Barnes



Dec 27, 2012

Well the CPUZ tells the SOCKET is "P (478) ".
Regarding dismantling i will not take that much risk. I will take the laptop to any service center and pay some money and get it fixed. It will be worth not to take risk with this thing. So now the heat related issue. Will this Laptop is enough to withstand the power of "T9900". I will go for Ram upgrade also.

See this link in the last there is mentioning of my laptop.

the second last post !!!...
One more thing the price is whooping too high for t9900 on ebay and amazon.

but on the other hand the T9800 is also coming in very low price
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