I've given plenty advice for Desktop PCs in my life, but now I need your guys' help with finding a suitable laptop


Nov 9, 2013
In theory I should be able to do this myself. I've build plenty of PCs in my life. When I search for laptops though, I'm a bit overwhelmed by the myriad of different models and specs out there and I'm not quite sure what prices are good nowadays with so many older models turning up in search results.

What I'm looking for is a PC for home office and keeping my entertained through long train rides, flights etc. I do have a gaming PC and I'm building a backup PC out of spare parts and some new ones I've order, so gaming is a low priority for the laptop.

Price: 500-1000€. Lower would be preferable, since I wont be using it that much

Display: 15" preferred, 13" also possible.
EDIT: A resolution of 1080p would be nice to have, but only if it doesn't come with a major price hike.

Battery life: Preferably above average.

Upgradeability: Should be easily upgradeable. If it has better value for money than the competition I'm willing to sacrifice this feature though.

CPU: A modern quad core would be nice. Being able to play high bandwidth x265 content would be nice. 2 cores, 4 threads is the minimum, but 4 cores would be highly preferable.

RAM: No less than 8 GB. Other than that, I'm not to picky.

GPU: Since gaming is not a priority, anything goes, including iGPUs. If it can play Overwatch an low it is a nice bonus, but that's about it.

Storage: Either a 128 GB SSD + an HDD or a single 256+ GB SSD. Must have an SSD though and no less than 256 GB total storage.


Sep 30, 2017
get Lenovo Yoga 720

the 15 inch has 4 cores i7 and GTX 1050 /or internal GPU

the 13 inch has 2 cores only

both have pen digitizer screen , IPS , and can be 360 rotated into Tablet mode and JBL sound and very long battery life



Nov 9, 2013

My current setup at home is a bit unusual. I use my PC on a couch with a 4K projector. It's fantastic for gaming, watching and some light browsing but not really suited for long home office sessions. Getting another screen wouldn't be as easy because I don't even have a desk in that room. The second PC I will leave at my parents place for reasons that are too long and irrelevant to explain. This makes a laptop the easiest solution. Plus, I have never owned a laptop before and it is simply convenient to have one just in case.

I'll check out the lenovo miix 310 later today. Thanks.
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