Question JBL EON612

Oct 24, 2021
I'm a keyboard player, using a Yamaha Montage7. I do many larger shows where I simply have them take my Left and Right Outputs to Direct Boxes, then have them panned left and right in the mains, then fed to a "Mono" monitor send for me. In these applications, live performance amplification is not an issue.

However, for smaller "Club Dates", I bought a JBL EON612, 1000W Max? with a 12" Speaker and Horn. It's powered, self-contained and (I thought) would be plenty sufficient to handle a club date. WRONG! They speaker seems way under-powered even for a small venue. Some patches seem louder than others and cut better, but many are not, even with the speaker and Montage set to full volume. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Thoughts or suggestions for what? Another PA speaker? Did you contact JBL support if it's not working like you think it should for even small spaces? Bit hard to know what the issue may be, if there is any, depending on where it's used and how it's placed. You checked the gain, etc.. on it? You may need to run two of them. Did you try it out with some other source to make sure it's not a line out issue on the Yamaha?