Question Jennov camera system do they work


Aug 20, 2016
say i came across this system on ebay today and it has 8 wifi cameras. called the junnov. so i asked them if it might work on the tinycam app. they told me they did not know for sure but they have heard of customers connecting to that app.

so does anyone happen to know anything about this camera system? it appears to have a lan port on the screen/monitor that comes with it so if it will connect to the network it is possible it may be visible on my other dvr/nvr units, and if so i may be able to eliminate the wired cameras and set this system up and view it on my monitors and hopefully on the phone using tinycam. it does come with an app but because i have 16 cameras now on tinycam i would like to keep the 8 foscams anyway and then use these also.

so if anyone is using this system can you tell us how well it is working and if it will connect to the network thru the lan port and maybe run on the tinycam app? thanks