Just another laptop recommendation thread! :)


Mar 17, 2012
Hello TH! :)

I am in the market for a new laptop gaming, and photoshop capable under 900.00. 900 would be the absolute maximum.

Really dont care what size. At the moment, i am using an Alienware m11x, but i need something larger and more powerful.

I've beens seeing a lot of laptops 15.4" / 14" size with the i7 IVYBRIDGES and Nvidia GT600M series cards with 4-8GB ram ranging from 750-1000 dollars. But there are so many brands and small differences i dont know what one to buy.

Mostly, i will be running photoshop and lightroom (lots of photo editing software) and some newer titled games such as call of duty black ops 2 and battlfield 3 etc. I need something with an i7, good dedicated GPU, and at least 4GB memory. Hard drive can be between 250GB and 1TB.

I was looking at lenovos Y series. This one here:

or, this one here:
(the 849.99 model)

It seems to have good specifications and reasonable price plus it is on sale!

So, my question to you is what would a good laptop be under the 900 dollar price range with i7 ivybridge mobile processors, dedicated video card, 4GB ram +, and at least 250GB HDD space? I need help deciding! :)

Thanks a lot :)