Question Just bought an AT2020, doesn't seem to work with my scarlett solo.

Dec 4, 2020
At this point I'm assuming I just need to return the mic, but here's the problem and what I've tried so far. I've been using my Scarlett Solo flawlessly for a while now while recording my guitar and other instruments. I decided i needed a new microphone, so I purchased a new AT2020 off of amazon. I set it all up on a stand, plugged in the XLR from the mic to my solo, turned on phantom power, and made sure my inputs were set and I got nothing. I turned up the gain and output on my speakers all the way and only then could I hear a very light audio from it, mostly only when doing things like crinkling bottles. The buzzing and static were much louder than any actual audio from the mic. I've followed basically every troubleshoot for the mic, windows, and my audio interface and have had no luck. I've tried switching USB ports, checking for power saving issues, reinstalling drivers, checking windows sound settings, etc. It all seems to be set up perfectly except it doesn't work.
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