Just bought monitor speakers and can hear my mouse movements and other feedback noise


Mar 11, 2015
Hi, I have just bought two KRK Rokit RP5 monitor speakers as my friend has them and they sounded great however i just got my 2 setup and have horrible loud static noises running through them. Weirdly enough its as if when i scroll my mouse or move round my screen i can hear it worse. ive read up on ways to solve the issue but being new to the whole audio stuff im kind of lost at the moment.

Ive had a look at Ground loop isolators but have heard bad things regarding sound quality loss so i want to avoid them if possible

also i do have them plugged in to a surge protector along with my PC and loads of other electronics (mine looks like this) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vertical-Tower-10-Socket-Surge-Protector-Extension-Cable-UK-13-Amp-Plug-2m-Lead/201985525410?epid=1839672755&hash=item2f074686a2:g:HsoAAOSwiA9ZZil5

And i have them placed directly behind my duel monitors plugged in to on board sound

My pc specs are -
EVGA Super Nova 850 PSU
Asrock mobo
intel i7 6700k
AMD RX 480

if i unplug the 3.5 jack from my pc and use my phone instead there is no feedback buzz so i think this could be a grounding issue, If anyone has any ideas that might help it would be much appreciated as im currently gaming on a silent PC. Thanks
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