Just got a new laptop and wondering if it is any good.


Jan 6, 2015
So I just got it, I'm using it to run Adobe products such as Premier Pro, Illustrator, Photoshop and inDesign. I'll probably also use it for Sims and Minecraft aswell. So I'm just wondering if it will be able to handle this.


HP Envy TS 17-J113TX 17" Touch Notebook (Silver)

Computer Type - Laptop

Resolution (Pixels) - 1920 x 1080

Screen Resolution - Full HD

Touchscreen - True

Processor Type - Intel Core i7

Processor Model Number - 4702MQ

Processor Memory Cache - 6M

Processor Clock Speed (GHz) - 2.2

Processor Max. Clock Speed (GHz) - 3.2

RAM (GB) - 16

HDD Storage - 2TB

Graphics Processor - NVIDIA GeForce GT 740M Graphics

Graphics Memory - 2GB

HDMI Ports - 1

USB 3.0 Ports - 4

USB Ports - 4

Optical Drive - Blu-ray Reader

Card Reader - SD

Webcam - True

Bluetooth - Yes

Wi-Fi - Yes

Battery Cell Count - 6

Operating System - Windows 8.1


Sep 18, 2013
It`s a decent laptop mostly regarding the CPU and RAM.
The GPU is not amazin, and having an SSD would have changed a lot.
Since you have a Blue-ray, I assume you`re not willing to remove it and add a caddy for an SSD in there, so you either use it as it is, or replace the HDD with an SSD, and put the SSD in a caddy to use it as an external drive.


Jan 6, 2015

Yeah I'm probably going to keep the Blu-Ray reader in it, considering I'll be using it heaps. Thanks heaps for answering though. Will I be able to replace the GPU, without loosing any of the other things?
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