Review Kaspersky 2020 Review: Still the One to Beat

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Jack Aubrey

Jan 19, 2021
I have seen one review site that conned Kaspersky for not having identity theft features. But Bit Defender and Webroot don't seem to have it either.

O Bloody Hell

Dec 14, 2011
What is the alternative?



Don't make me laugh!!

To HELL with BitDefender
, it's a defacto virus all in itself. I'll be typing along, writing a report or analysis, and all of a sudden, it pops up some stupid, largely uninformative message crowing about how "it just protected me from some risky site that was being touched" by a page I had in the background.

Now, realize what has just happened -- I'm typing away, and it has STOLEN FOCUS from the window I was typing in and given it to the stupid little window it opened, which REMAINS IN CONTROL for about 10-15 seconds, or until I explicitly dismiss it. IT INTERRUPTS whatever I AM doing to FORCE me to know about this. And either forces me to break my stream of thought to deal with it, or to pause my stream of thought with the distraction of me cursing the useless bastards. It forces me to dismiss it to get back to what I was attempting to accomplish, AND to switch back to the window I was typing in --thus forcing me to remove my fingers from the home row to operate the mouse. All so it can brag about what it has done for me. And that IS all it has done.

Because : Is it a USEFUL message? No. It is not. Neither the message nor any of the Defender system areas either indicates the window/tab that was at fault NOR the source URL so I could block access to it from my device, NOR can I tell it, "don't bother me with that connection any more -- and block/don't block it". IT IS A USELESS MESSAGE except for Defender self-promotion: "Look!! Look!! See what I'm doing for you? See?? See?? ".

And it will do this over and over and over again, every 10-45 seconds for 3-5 minutes, sometimes, unless I inadvertently kill the window/tab triggering it. Constantly interrupting my attempts to actually DO something.

And no, you cannot TURN THIS MISFEATURE OFF. I contacted their support to complain about it, and pretty much got told, "No, you cannot do anything to stop this. No, we don't care if it's painful and/or utterly useless. WE have DECIDED you MUST know about this."

And DO note: I am not saying it should NOT do what it is doing (though I cannot say since it does not TELL me what it has actually done).

I'm saying it should not be interrupting my actions -- stealing focus -- simply to make me aware of its activity, particularly when there is -- literally -- no useful information involved, and none available to me. As a message, it serves no useful purpose and prevents me from doing whatever I am busy at. And the fact that I cannot turn it OFF, nor will the company grasp this -- that makes its actions no better than any malware out there.

And I am saying it has done this literally a THOUSAND TIMES and more -- literally, not hyperbole -- during my subscription period. Which I explicitly had to cancel, as it DEFAULTS to auto-renew.

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