Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2015 Review

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Trend Micro seems to be lighter , the GUI is very simple but highly functional , Scan times were decent , Bitdefender had a glitch where it kept trying to change my windows update settings even though it was in Standard Auto Pilot mode.Had a lot of page loading errors with Kaspersky.



Oct 14, 2014
I tried Kaspersky as it came pre-installed with my laptop but it made my system very slow. I moved to free edition of Avast and have no issues with my system performance now and it offers good protection from virus.


Mar 17, 2013
I just downloaded and used Kaspersky.I will probably uninstall it in a moment.
Interface and user control seemed minimal. I cd scan or not. No i nformation given during scan, except at one point, it started giving me predictions of time to the finish.
I could not use computer while it scanned. Everything pretty much frozen.

Although it took a coupla hours to complete the intital scan, and found one problem/trojan hidden in an old file, so I'm pleased with that. Now scan is complete, it's very, very slow, typing (as I write to you) is delayed on my screen. Not good.

At the end of the scan I was told I needed to update some data, and gave permission. When I found what it was updating, I was not pleased that was updating my firefox and my Acroobat. I choose to do that on my own and keep my own control of my computer.

I'm a control freak on my computer. I want to set up a program and customize it to my comfort. I want to see what's happening. Kaspersky (also Bitfender) expects me to trust its infininite wisdom. Even if it does a great job, I want control over it. And at least education as I go, e.g..

Now my computer is pretty frozen. This doesn't work with my style. Crazed by the typing delay/;ag. I feel like I'm back on a modem in the mid 90s, but typing lag is worse.

So, yeah, uinstalling.

Thanks for your review
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